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I see you mama

I see you. I see you working all the time... being a mama, a teacher, a full time worker, a wife, a communicator, a good friend. I see you trying to be the best. I see you waking up early to immediate anxiety of having to get the kids up and ready for school/daycare. I… Continue reading I see you mama

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What about me?

Today, in particular, I'm feeling the weight of the world. I am tired and cranky and exhausted. It's not about me anymore though. It's about the kids. I don't mean to sound conceited or rude, but I just want it to be about me today. I want to curl up in a ball in my… Continue reading What about me?

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Fit Mama

I've always been a little OCD about fitness, especially after college. In college, I was a Division II cheerleader and competed every year at Nationals in Disney. In high school, I was a cheerleader as well. When I was younger, I played soccer, basketball, ice skating, and gymnastics. I was terrible at soccer and basketball. Since… Continue reading Fit Mama

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Hudson’s Birth Story

We had no idea if Hudson was a boy or a girl. I found out I was pregnant right after we went on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach. Jules just turned 13 months old and I just started weaning her from breastfeeding. It was bittersweet, but I also knew I couldn't nurse her for… Continue reading Hudson’s Birth Story

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Juliana’s Birth Story

When I first found out I was pregnant with Juliana I was freaking out because it wasn't exactly planned. Howie and I got married in June 2014 and went on our honeymoon in July. I got off birth control right after our honeymoon and was convinced it would take me years to conceive. I lost… Continue reading Juliana’s Birth Story