All things Target & Costco

Those of you that know me, especially my kids, know I LOVE Target and Costco. Here are a few updated lists of all things Costco and Target that I can’t live without!


Liquid IV (love the lemon lime flavor, but make sure you don’t put the whole packet in a bottle of water. I usually put one packet in my ThermoFlask Stainless Steel 40-Ounce Water Bottle (Light Blue/Black), 2-Piece (Ocean/Grey)

Almond flour

Unsweetened cocoa powder (hit or miss, they don’t always have it)

Kirkland coconut oil

Laundry tabs


All the berries

Kirkland canned chicken salad

Organic guacamole

Skinny Pop (love sprinkling Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning, Kettle Corn, 3.0 oz

Hippeas- amazing because I am dairy free and these are vegan, but again, hit or miss

Pumpkin seeds

Kirkland frozen blueberries or any fruit l

Pirates Booty for the kids

Kirkland seltzer (just add vodka, duh)

Baby tomatoes

Power greens

Cucumbers (come in 3 pack)

Egg whites

Organic eggs


Pink salt

Normandy veggies (yellow carrots, carrots, squash, broccoli, cauliflower)- I LOVE roasting in oven on baking tray and sprinkling avocado oil and steak seasoning, which you can also buy at Costco

Olive oil

All the nuts (my favorite are the unsalted cashews, raw almonds, and macadamia nuts)


Hemp hearts (I add to oatmeal)

Dryer Beads

Lysol wipes (teacher alert)

Bacon Pineapple Sausage

Wildbrine Sauerkraut (add to the sausage yum!)

Organic ground beef patties

Dinosaur chicken nuggets for the kids- they LOVE with World Harbor, Maui Mountain, Hawaiian Style Sweet & Sour Sauce,Two 16oz Bottles

Cotton candy grapes (usually only in the summer)

Crepini egg thins with cauliflower (I usually wrap canned chicken salad with avocado oil mayo in these bad boys)

Sir Kensington’s avocado oil mayo

Goji berries (add to any salad)

Kirkland raw almonds

They just came out with UNREAL (the brand) dark chocolate coconut mini bars

Rx Bars (dairy free- peanut butter chocolate and chocolate sea salt)

Caveman collagen protein bars

Kombucha tea (great for probiotics and bloated bellies)

Honest/Aveeno baby wash

Pillows- yes I LOVE all the pillows there

Pool chemicals and shock- only in summer but amazing deal

Kids thermos’

Premier protein drinks- My husband and son love the vanilla ones. You can add to coffee as a creamer and a protein boost (not dairy free)

Orgain creamy chocolate fudge protein or vanilla bean (dairy free!) I use this in my mug cakes

Almond milk (not the refrigerated kind)

40 pack of water is 2.99!

Grass fed beef sticks or chicken sticks

Riced cauliflower (to make pizza)/riced cauli veggie mix

BANZA chickpea pasta (hit or miss)

NUTZO (nut butter)- pricey but good

Peanut butter

Almond butter

Kids insulated thermos (these are amazing for summer)

I love the PUMA, Calvin Klein, and ADIDAS collection

I also love the bras and bralettes

Organic tortilla chips

Kids fleece jackets

Basil pesto hummus (I dip the tortilla chips or cucumbers in this) It’s fairly new, so delish

Organic yogurt tubes for the kids

Pineapple Habenero sauce for meatballs

Turley/italian meatballs

Turkey bacon

Power waffles

Cold brew coffee cans

Organic whole milk for the kids (3 1/2 gallons for around $10)

Annie’s Mac n cheese for the kids (about $12 for 12)

Chicken Burgers

Veggie Burgers



Gluten free oats

Perfect Bars (the brownie walnut are the only dairy free ones!)- Usually 2 for $4

Market Pantry roasted sweet potatoes (I LOVE adding to my salad)

Sweet potato wedges (we love spreading guac on them)

Arrow root veggie fries (dip all the guac)

Canned pumpkin (for baking)

Burt’s bees baby powder

Babyganics bodywash (love the lime verbana)

All Cat Jack for the kids (great prices)

UP and UP wipes (I actually am obsessed with their wipes, the cucumber ones smell great)

UP and UP breast milk storage bags

Larabars (obsessed with banana chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie dough)

ALOHA plant based dairy free protein drinks (can be pricey but SO worth it, especially if you are dairy free)

VEGA protein protein bars (they have a whole new area with dairy free protein bars/snack bars)

OAT MILK (they just came out with oat milk barista and I am SO in love with putting it in my coffee since I am 100% dairy free)

Zarbee’s liquid melatonin (has been our savior with our kids for sleeping)

I buy the Target brand melatonin for myself

DOVE pear soap

Cetaphil soap- great for acne prone skin

Dickinson’s witch hazel toner (this is awesome for your face)

Febreze spray’s (I’m a weirdo, I know)

Caraway Sauerkraut

Market pantry apple cinnamon pouches

Take n toss bowls and cups (I reuse and they are great for packing the kids lunches but warning- not spill proof)

Foam roller with ridges (great for runners)

Zevia- stevia sweetened “soda” for keto lovers and fasters

Annie’s popsicles

Gold Peak Diet Tea/unsweetened iced tea

Coconut oil spray

Unsweetened shredded coconut

Vegan cookie dough!

Oat milk creamer- they have iced oatmeal cookie and vanilla

More to come!












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