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Thank You 1st Phorm


If you have know me, you know that I am SO passionate about fitness and nutrition. For the love of God, I want to be around when my kids are grown up, but more importantly I want to be there now. I want to be healthy and a good role model for my kids. I want to be able to pick them up and play with them always. I want Juliana to see me happy and healthy and strong- not skinny, but strong. I have written about Isagenix, keto, intermittent fasting, and all the products/supplements I love. It really is so hard to navigate the fitness and nutrition world if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Every body is different. I have friends who have had major success with Weight Watchers, BeachBody, Isagenix, Faster Way to Fat Loss, the Ketogenic diet, strictly intermittent fasting, Herbalife, tracking their food using MyFitnessPal, Advocare, Ideal Protein etc. There are SO many amazing programs for all different kinds of people. I think all of them work if you are willing to commit. The problem is maintaining that. So many people commit for 30 days- enough to make it a habit and then they fall off the bandwagon- or life takes over. And that’s totally okay.

I recently discovered 1st Phorm and I have been talking a lot about it all over social media, but I can’t express how much I love the products. I have a new primary care doctor who swears by the keto diet and he actually mentioned 1st Phorm protein. I decided to research it and give it a try. Andy Friscella, the CEO of 1st Phorm, also has a podcast (MFCEO) that my husband follows and listens to regularly so we decided to try the protein and a few other products. I was almost out of Isagenix and we were trying a new one from Costco, but with all my endurance training and nursing I wanted to try something a little different. Most of their line is geared towards performance athletes, but I was surprised to find that a lot is also for the everyday person- the on-the-go mom, the older active adult, the meal skipper, etc. The first products we tried were the Opti-Greens 50 which I hear people ALL over instagram rave about these. I already know I was eating enough fruits and vegetables so Howie and I decided this would be the first product to try. I thought it would taste gross, but it actually tastes good and HOLY crap, it helps the belly SO much. I’m a huge bloater- even if I eat something small. I also get runner’s bloat and suffer from mild IBS. These greens regulate me like crazy and give me a happy belly. The second product we tried was the Post Work-out Stack, which includes Phormula-1 Protein and Ignition. I thought the protein was your typical blend in the blender with tons of ice to make it thick type, but it’s actually a shake in a shaker with ice and drink immediately after a workout. My body was craving this after long runs and I always thought I was doing it right but this protein is the highest quality hydrolyzed whey protein isolate and cross flow micro filtered! It FEEDS your muscles perfectly when mixed with the Ignition. Ignition restores glycogen levels, decreases recovery time, and increases nutrient delivery to the muscles post workout. There is no taste to this- just add to the shaker with the Phormula-1 and BOOM. The phormula-1 has crazy good flavors too- I’m so used to the chocolate, strawberry, vanilla- The flavors are cherry lime, chocolate milkshake, cinnamon toast crunch (MY FAVE), fruit punch, juicy watermelon, Loop D Fruit (a fan fave), Rootbeer Float, tropical breeze, and vanilla milkshake. It is around $55.

The other product we love is the meal replacement protein, Level-1. This is the BEST meal replacement protein I have ever tried and I have tried TONS of proteins. You can tell the different between high quality proteins by taste, but also by reading the labels. This protein is low-temperature processed, meaning the taste and quality was not ruined by high heat. When you increase protein throughout your day whether you are nursing, working out, or on the go, you increase your metabolism and your muscles remain in an anabolic state throughout the day. No gas or bloat with this and you can add to a shaker with water and ice or blend. I personally love to blend with 8-10 ice cubes because I love thick shakes. The flavors are caramel latte, German chocolate cake (love this one), milk chocolate (this one is amazing with 1/2 banana and PBFit), cinnamon cookie batter, ice cream sandwich (love this one), mint ice cream sandwich (fan fave), strawberry milkshake, and vanilla ice cream. These shakes remind me of ice cream. I also stay full for hours. These shakes are perfect for mamas- Personally, I do a 16:8 fast, run right before I break my fast on days I don’t work, then have my Phormula-1 (with Ignition if a long run or intense workout), have my greens and some oatmeal with frozen blueberries. A few hours later I will have my Level-1 protein shake then eat normally until about 7pm. I will fast until noon.

I love the Prenatal Plus and the Micro-Factor are the perfect multivitamins. Only drawback with the micro-factor is that there are 6 pills. What I do love is that you don’t need to go out and buy tons of vitamins because I take these and the Full Mega. My blood work has been stellar since taking these products. Everything I have taken are non-stimulant and safe for nursing and pregnancy. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hair, Skin, and Nails!

My husband takes the Megawatt V2 as a pre-workout and I take the Alphacre HD for mine because its a stimulant free. The megawatt V2 contains caffeine and gives you crazy endurance and energy for a booming workout. The alphacre is perfect for nursing mamas and pregnant mamas.

Now that I have done the 30 day program for Isagenix, I am free to maintain my diet and nutrition however I want. I want to fuel my body with the best products because I want to feel and perform my best. I am still nursing my 16 month old quite a bit and my milk supply has not been affected at all. This is how my day looks at 16 months postpartum.

I wake up and get my kids ready, breakfast, daycare. I don’t have to worry about breakfast because I am intermittent fasting daily for 16-18 hours. I usually break my fast around 11-12 with my favorite Eurest Protein Probiotic Oatmeal from Costco with frozen blueberries and brown sugar truvia or a perfect bar. Since I have been off this summer from work, I have been running mid mornings and then breaking my fast immediately after the run. Some mornings I will run early and just wait to eat until my 16 hour window is up. However, I don’t recommend doing a long run (10+ miles) while fasting, although I have. Wasn’t my best run. This is where Phormula-1 and Ignition is the perfect cocktail after I run. When I say perfect, I mean PERFECT- like feed your muscle and refill your glycogen tank perfect. I have always been into fitness but I was doing it ALL WRONG before- never fueling by body properly after workouts, especially intense ones or long runs. Protein isn’t always enough. Ignition is a high-glycemic carbohydrate that goes right to your glycogen tank to restore (this is not recommended for keto). However, Phormula-1 is keto-friendly. If you aren’t keto, I recommend both Phormula-1 (cinnamon toast crunch/CTC is my fave) AND ignition, but if you are keto, just do phormula-1. I pre-pack a baggie with a shaker and ice and boom done.

Around 1-2 I will have a salad with chicken, avocado, and Primal Kitchen Greek Viniagrette Dressing or canned chicken salad with guacamole. Sometimes I will have a level-1 meal replacement shake if I am craving sweet. For snacks I love hard boiled eggs, green apples, pears, keto Reeses cups, Quest bar/kirkland protein bar, 2 ingredient cheese chips, cucumbers…I usually drink my Opti-greens after lunch and I always cook a whole food dinner- low carb (see my recipe blog for ideas). I stop eating around 630-7 and almost always go for a walk after dinner with my loveys. I don’t normally restrict what I eat within my 7-8 hour window because fasting has really changed my idea and outlook on food and portions. Fasting has helped me stay lean, while the 1st Phorm products are supplementing what my body isn’t making or I can’t get through food.

Thank you 1st Phorm!!

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