Buy this, buy that


When I first got pregnant with Juliana I remember being worried about what to buy. You walk into a baby store and you immediately become overwhelmed- what is a good shampoo? Can they use conditioner? Do I get a nose sucker? What kind of tub should I get? Are bumpers even allowed? Blah blah blah. I compiled a list of products I loved and still love for my babies. Some are common and some I just discovered. I will add as I go. I found a dangerous app called Think Dirty that will scan cosmetic products for adults and babies and rate how chemically safe and clean they are. Some of the things I listed aren’t actual cosmetics, just things I couldn’t live without for babies AND toddlers.

For the record, I got a lot of shizzzz and I didn’t use half of it. Here is a list of things I wish I had and used a lot!


Dock-a-tot (I never actually had, but wish we did)

Rock n’ play (Good for 3-6 months and under depending on baby size and activity level)

Nose frieda/nose sucker and filters

Vicks vaporizer

The land of nod organic baby sheets

Graco 4ever 4 in 1 car seat (we like the extender too)

Sleep sacks (Halo and Zip-a-dee are great brands)

PJs that zip only (especially for newborns)

Beaba babycook pro food maker (Quickly purees and steams foods)

Any Baby Einstein jumper

WYZE CAM- check it out on amazon! We use it as a baby monitor

Invest in a good, durable, easy to clean high chair- we like Chicco or Graco

Chicco caddy hook on chair (portable high chair that can clip on tables anywhere- for 6 months and up or when they can sit. Jules even fits and awesome for restaurants)

Bumkins bibs (they make long sleeve ones too which we love)

OXO Tot baby blocks freezer storage containers

Up and Up or Lansinoh breast milk storage bags

OXO Tot Bottle Brush

Lotoii galaxy silicone placemat and plate (for feeding)

Disposable placements

Ergobaby 360 all the way (I couldn’t work those wraps)

Bentgo Lunch Box (for toddlers)

Yummy mitt teething mitten

Bandana bibs for drooling

Any teething necklaces for mom or amber necklace for baby (just check any on amazon)

White noise machine for each of their rooms- also a HUSSH is a portable white noise machine for the young babes

Bob Running stroller (single stroller is fine)

A double stroller comes in handy when you have 2 kids under 2 or close in age- we got a free one from some lady at Once Upon a Child, so if you can get a hand me down, don’t go paying an arm and a leg

Toy storage bins at IKEA are awesome for organization of toys, books, etc.

Forehead baby thermometer by DrKea or Garson

Muslin swaddle blankets (I only needed a few because my babies didn’t love being swaddled)

Bumbo chair with tray

Mommy hook for stroller to hang diaper bag

Joovy spoon walker (Target or amazon)

Sunbuster folding beach tent (L.L Bean, Costco)

Millard 2 inch ventilated memory foam crib mattress topper

*This is random but on the fire stick (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, there are amazing baby and toddler shows, tunes and interactive lullabies)

Cosmetics, etc.

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo (gentle enough to be used on babies, toddlers, and adults- cured my toddler’s dandruff

Honest detangling spray

Dr. Browns teething wipes (can wipe their gums or let them suck on these)

Kirkland wipes

Colic Calm (a black liquid but worked wonders for babies gas)

Zarbee’s Soothing Chest Rub

Costco’s Aller-tec (Same as Zyrtec and helps clear colds- 6 months and up- ask pediatrician dosage recommends). We lived off this for awhile, especially in winter months

Sambuccus Elderberry Syrup/Gummies- prevents colds and flu

Kids Culturelle probiotics (packets you can hide in your drinks)

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap (Lavender and Peppermint are yummy)

Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner (I use the tea tree shampoo and shea moisture conditioner for Juliana’s crazy curly hair)

Mustela products for cradle cap

Zutano cozie fleece booties (amazon)

Camelbak Eddy Kids Insulated thermos (amazon)

ComoTomo bottles

We used vaseline on babies rash and it helped, but if it could really bad we put A&D ointment and calmoseptine (CVS)

Boogie wipes

Burt’s bees baby powder

California baby sunscreen

100% Tea Tree essential oil spray to clean

Things my toddler loves

I feel like babies don’t need much at all. They are happy with a paper plate. But those activity stands they can stand against are awesome.

Jumbo puzzles (24 pieces)

Vintage doll house

Little Tykes 3′ trampoline

Quad (ages 2-5)

Stridor/ Tricycle

Water Table

Jumbo legos

Anything they can push- grocery cart

Play house/ tee pees

Baby dolls

*Loves her swing set

Sidewalk chalk



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